With a focus on herbs to enhance cuisine, your culinary experience will be all the more memorable as our passion for mouth-watering meals meets passion for quality produce, good health and vitality. 

Our menu has been crafted with a focus on providing healthy eating options and variety.  Sourcing produce locally where possible and using seasonal ingredients to create the most exciting and flavoursome meals. 

The versatility of our menu will enable you to enjoy a light meal or tapas to a choice of delicious a la carte or wholesome salads/vegetables which is perfect when teamed with protein such as grilled steak, chicken or seafood. Our menu will appeal to all food lovers regardless of their lifestyle and appetite with menu items suited to vegan, vegetarian, paleo, dairy free & gluten free needs.

With a menu like ours, the only problem you are going to incur is what to choose as the food is seriously good.